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Government Lawyer for DV

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For DV the govt lawyer is der fr my side also can he help for applying maintainance? R I can go for pvt lawyer

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Do you mean the "protection officer" when you say government lawyer? If so, the protection officers duties include:

1. to make a domestic incident report to the Magistrate, when s/he receives a complaint of domestic violence and forward copies to the police officer in charge

2. to make an application to the Magistrate, if the victim desires, for a protection order;

3. to ensure that the victim is provided legal aid under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 (39 of 1987) and provide the complaint form for free;

4. to maintain a list of all service providers providing legal aid or counselling, shelter homes and medical facilities in the local area ;

5. to get the victim medically examined, if she has sustained bodily injuries and forward a copy of the medical report to the police station and the Magistrate

6. to ensure that the order for monetary relief under section 20 is complied with and executed, (this is the section covering Maintenance).


Now if you do not mean protection officer, and are referring to a lawyer appointed to fight your case, then you have always got the choice of going for a private lawyer, if you are not happy with the one appointed by the government. 


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