Asked February 24, 2017

Forced to do roka

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I have been forcibly got into a roka type ceremony which is not any engagement. I love some other girl very much, can I get rid of this roka please tell me as soon as possible.

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Yes you may call it off, but if she goes to court you may have to pay compensation for her mental stress on account of engagement being called off. You will need a good lawyer to defend you.

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Sir, a Roka ceremony as you know is something close to what others call an engagement ceremony. Like an engagement, a Roka ceremony is just an informal ceremony celebrated to acknowledge the approval of both parties to enter wedlock at some point in the future and is not codified or regulated under any Indian Law.

There is no obligation to compulsorily go forth with the wedding after the Roka. The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 does not mandate engagements to be enforceable. Thus, there will no legal penalty to disobey the Roka. Hence you can break the Roka and wed with the girl of your liking.

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