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Asked July 21, 2016

Fees charged by Lawyer

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A case was registered by my employer for breaking contract.We had lawyer fighting and he was regularly updating me with updates.Now he is asking for ransom money.The case is running in different city far from my home place.So now what should I do.How can I know my exact case updates.The lawyer himself says the opposite side has not appealed for past three sessions but still insists on money. So now how can I know my exact case updates

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Ashwini Panwar

First, I have never heard of ransom money in any other case except a case of kidnapping, which is criminal in nature. There is no such thing as ransom money in contractual cases. Apart from that, if this ‘ransom money’ was not disclosed during the initial meetings, you are not liable to pay any such amount as it is the job of the lawyer to disclose the fee and terms completely. So, there is no need to pay the lawyer any amount whatsoever if it wasn’t disclosed before he was hired for the job.

Apart from that, if you feel that the lawyer has acted in bad faith, you may lodge a complaint against him before the Bar Counsel of State stating the material facts and evidence in order to strengthen your case and the Bar Counsel would take the action after hearing both the parties.

Since, your lawyer is not trustworthy and neither can you attend the court proceedings, you may know about the status of your case through the main list and supplementary list issued by the Court a day before the proceedings. And after that, there is a no. of websites that have an informative system that is designed to provide advocates, litigant public and judges of lower courts with information regarding pending and disposed cases. is a website that might help you with your problem of case updates; the website provides Daily orders and makes it available on the website the moment these orders are signed by the Court.

So, you need not pay the ransom money until and unless the lawyer specifies where the money is going to go. Apart from that if you think that there has been misconduct or the lawyer has acted in bad faith, you can always take him in front of the Bar Counsel of the state. Finally, you may check the status of your case on the website mentioned above. However, you need to know certain things before you could see the status of your case, these things include, Case No., Title (Petitioner/Respondent Name), Advocate Name and Lower Court details.

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