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Asked December 30, 2014

Fate of CSR activity in Education

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I've been working in an NGO which helps corporations in their CSR activities. This corporation primarily deals in sanitarywares but wants to spend on the cause of education. To do this it wants to build a higher secondary school in a village in the Sunderbans, where only a primary school exists. Now, there is a vacant uncultivable land available which the owner-farmer is willing to sell. The Corporations have sought our help to make this goal a reality. So I need to know: 1. Who will the farmer sell his land to? to the Corporation, to our NGO or to some other third party? 2. Now I believe that you can't get a CBSE, ICSE, WB board affiliation till 2 years or so. So in the absence of such affiliation what is the value of the education of these students in the outside world? Even if they study the same syllabus taught in comparable recognised institutions would they be not recognised outside in other institutions if they plan to shift after two years? 3.Let's say this corporation after 2 years of running this school doesn't want to continue to do its CSR activities in Education anymore....will they have the power to dismantle the school and conduct other activities that they might find more promising?

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