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False harassment case

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I have been implicated by my colleague in harassment case falsely. How to deal with this?

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At office level:

If the person has made a false claim before the sexual harassment at workplace committee, then you need to prove your innocence and that the ‘aggrieved’ has no evidence to prove the same. One the case is proved to be malicious, then by the change in the rules and law the complainant can also lose her job.


At Court Level:

If the matter has reached the court then you can file an applicant ion for expulsion of the petition due to the lack of evidence. Once the charges against you are discharged, you can file a petition for malicious prosecution against the complainant for falsely framing you.

The complainant can also be punished under section 193 of Indian Penal Code for a term, which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine. In addition with the section 193, she can also be framed under section 196 attempts to use any evidence, which he knows to be false or fabricated,


There is no sure short procedure how you can prove your innocence or come out of the proceedings; the whole acquittal is based on the evidence you show to the jury.

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U have not given complete details if u r male/female and who has harrased u and how, . Complete further details required.

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