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Asked October 04, 2016

Fake Injuction Order

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When I approached Village office at Thrikadavoor to revert my injunction order to protect my property and house from my ex husband on 2015, one of the staff there told me that another person has come from Ernakulum high court with a fake order claiming my property, and order was rejected by village office staff .(Please note that my house was registered in my name from 2002 onwards and I have the copies of all old and new deeds with me.) I have to file a case against the person who has send the fake injunction order on my property and need to find what crime he has done to get the injunction order like this from courts. If this is not investigated then they will continuously torture me to make and plan to make fake things about me and my can you help me or guide me in this?

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Person with fake injunction order by the Ernakulum High Court could have only got it by misrepresentation of the Facts and claiming property with false evidence and documents. This basically leads to the criminal contempt of the court under Contempt of Court Act. You can give written consent to the Advocate general of Kerala state to proceed with the application of contempt under Section 15 of the Contempt of the Court Act.

Secondly I would advise to take Declaratory decree which means if you believe you have right to any property, you may institute a suit against a person denying your right, and the court will make a declaration that you have right to the property in question. Therefore by producing the original documents to the court, I will advise to take the decree which will also help in filing the suit against the person for criminal contempt of the court.

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