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Asked April 23, 2021

Exploitation in workplace and employment contract renewal

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The inaction of Management on Moral and Sexual exploitation issues I have been working at a Valve manufacturing company in Hyderabad, for the last 04 years as Manager Documentation and carrying out various roles of Engineering and general nature. I had intimated my Director Technical regarding the unethical conduct of one of the managers in Jun 2020. Later in the year Sexual exploitation issues cropped against the same manager. In addition, he was getting help in covering up the issues by a shop floor supervisor in lieu of money and external manufacturing projects of our competitors. I had sent an e-mail to the Dir Tech regarding corrective actions against such immoral acts. But as this is a family-run MSME manufacturing unit of 12 crore turnover the MD (all of 80 yrs) doesn't want to take any action and asked me to just do my work or leave the company on my own after 30 days notice period. One out of those two individuals even tried to open my e-mail in the month of Dec 2020 in my absence, without my consent. I had intimated the same to Dir Technical the next day with snapshots of the recently closed History and attendance sheet of persons in the office that day. I had requested for the renewal of the contract as my previous contract did not mention anything about Leave days encashment at the end of my tenure with the company along with a 20% increment as last year there was no increment. The request has not been honored to date. Can I take legal recourse and to what extent can I quote damages?

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