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Asked April 30, 2014

Exhorbitant Fare charged by Auto drivers

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Whenever I visit Jaipur and have to take an auto from the airport, I face the problem of paying insanely high price to the autowalas. They have created their own prepaid counter with no logic behind the rates they charge, For a distance of 3 kms, I have to pay them Rs. 160. It is even costlier than any taxi. Cant there be any action against them? If yes, then what?

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The best possible solution for you in such situation would be to first of all get the government approved rate list for the auto rickshaws that ploy in that particular area. Now once you get the official rate list, first of all try to bargain with the auto driver by showing him the rate list. Later, on if he refuses and keeps asking more than the fixed amount you can approach the nearest traffic police officer with the vehicle registration number of the alleged driver or as in your case as you have mentioned that they have set up illegal prepaid auto stands, you may also approach the nearest police station and inform them of the same and they most probably will take action against the same.

Further, if the matter is still not taken care of, you may write an application to the Superintendent of Police (Traffic Control Department) regarding the prevailing situation at the Jaipur Airport and how customers are being exorbitantly charged for few kilometres of distance.

If no action is taken even by the appellate authority than you may file a suit in the District Consumer Court with all the necessary documents, stating your problem and how it was not taken care even by the authorities who were responsible to look into the matter. In most probability your matter would be solved by the District Consumer Court with proper compensation.

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