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Asked March 13, 2014

Election Code

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I heard that the election code doesn't allow pictures of political heads to feature in public places. but Jayalalitha's party has been bypassing this by putting of posters of her movie. why is such a practice prohibited by the Election Model Code in the first place? Also, if this is prevented wouldn't the right of advertisement of the concerned movie production be hindered?

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Saumya Kumar

The Model Code of Conduct falls in the grey area where a lot fundamental rights may be compromised for a free and fair election. In the ECI letter No. 437/6/INST-2008/CC&BE, dated 01.04.2009 the election Commission has identified that pictures of some individuals like PM, CM, prominent national leaders, historical figures or poets can have a deep influence on the mind of the voters. The picture of a sitting CM across the city may influence a voter to vote for her party rather than giving chance to another party. Considering the incident mentioned here, the officials in 2014 removed the posters of both Jayalalitha and MGR but did not stop the screening of the movie. (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/news/1965-Jayalalithaa-film-back-in-theatres-beats-EC-code/articleshow/31912388.cms)

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