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Asked July 22, 2017

Divorce Petition by husband on baseless grounds

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My husband send me a advocate notice for divorce on the below grounds he mentioned 1. i have illegal relationship with my ex boy friend and 2. he also mentioned, I bet and scolded him and his parents and 3. he also mentioned i am not in physical relationship with my husband for past 2years which was not true. 4. my husband also mentioned that he is not working now for that i should give him maintenance of 15000 per month and for advocate charges 10000. 4. my husband n me use to work from hyderabad from past 3years and we stayed in hyderabad itself. he is from bangalore and he sent me the advocate notice for divorce from bangalore. 5 . i do not want to give divorce and want to be with my husband how should i proceed further plz suggest we had a argument infront of my inlaws in the month of Jan'2017. from then things have changed drastically. my mother in law started telling our time is not good and she didnt allow me to talk or see my husbands face. they use to perform some poojas. my husband and me do not have any communication from feb'2017. he use to work in Hyderabad till 11th jun 2017 but he resigned and left to bangalore with out information. he changed his number also. my inlaws are not answering calls. when we went to bangalore and asked she still staying he is still performing some poojas and asking us to wait for one more month. i have visited local police station and asked for written confirmation from my inlaws and my husband that we will be together after a week. but it didnt happen. my father in law said he does not any idea about his son and wife. he does know any thing and he does not know where are they. my father has given written statement at office stating that he will get my husband n mother in law and asked for a one week time, believing that we came back to hyderabad. but by the completion of week my husband sent divorce notice from Bangalore advocate and inreturn asking for maintenance from me. i want to be with my husband, whatever my inlaws and my husband has done to me was not fair and they have put all false allegations and sent me the notice. they need to realize their mistake. one more point is I have aborted 8 times, out of which my husband and me together decided and aborted 6 times but last 2 times he forced me to remove the pregnancy which was in sep 2016. but i dont have any reports to prove, he mentioned in the notice that we didnt have physical relationship from 2years which is false. i am loyal from marriage my husband knows it very clear. we both are hindus and I belong to SC. we are married in feb 2013, i am telugu girl from hyderabad and he is tamilian from Bangalore. our marriage is registered, ours was love cum arranged marriage. plz suggest the possible ways. I am going through lots of mental pressure since 5months with my husbands silence. he blocked my numbers and blocked me on whatsapp n facebook. its clearly shows that he has pre planned everything waiting for chance to get rid of me finally he has taken the argument infront of his parents as a chance and utilising it.

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Respected Madam,

You can File the Harassment Case on this Notice.

I can Fight Free for You if you are in My Court Complex.

Very Strong Ground Of Domestic violence and moreover this Notice is Suffiecient Ground to prove This.

Respected Madam

Better Advice can be given you only after talking to you., as there are many possibilities.

The facts given are not sufficient to give you proper legal advice.

Better if you are clear about your Location while putting the Query.

For further Query and Better Advise

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Adv.Shuchi Agarwal

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Ma’am, since you are not looking to obtain a divorce from your husband, the only way to reconcile is through negotiations with him and his family. However it is advisable that in order to protect yourself legally you must obtain a decree under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act which provided for restitution of Conjugal rights. This means that no party in a marriage has the right to abstain the other party from conjugal rights. You must also gather all evidence to prove that who have tried with all your best efforts to maintain contact with your husband, and it is he who has failed you in the marriage.

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