Asked April 17, 2017

Divorce after RCR

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Sir i got married in 2013 and in 3 months wife went to her parents and reason was that she told that she did not want to get married at all 3 months back and now she didn't want to live with me. While living with me for the three months, she visited her parents place 3 times and visited other cities for her work twice. When I asked her take me along with her, she refused. I have told all these things to her parents and have requested her to come back as she is now pregnant.  She refused and a beautiful baby girl was born. After the delivery she joined back her office leaving the child with her parents. Finally i filled for RCR and in first hearing they came and she said she is ready to come back and she signed it though it was written in RCR that she was the one wanted to go back and there was no pressure, harresment or tourture of any sort and the matter was not related to dowry. As we reached home she said she came only for child and there is no relation between us i also accepted for the sake of child but in few days only she started reacting same way. She refused to attend any family function or rituals, quarrelled with me me saying bad words to parents though my mom was semi paralysed and treatment was going on each time i told every thing to her parents. finally in 2 months she went back and told me she will not stay with me and will get a divorce. For 2 years now we are living apart with no communication.  She is working in other city and my baby is with my inlaws. few days back through a mediator i asked them for MCD but there demand was to high which i couldnt pay. my question is 1- can i apply for divorce now and on which ground and can i prove desertation and cruelty 2- if she file 498 or dv will the copy signed by her is helpfull 3- is dv case maintable after such long sepration as far as maintanence i have no prb to give it to my child kindly help me out and give suggestions thanks

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