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Asked December 17, 2017

Distribution of property between step children

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My grand father has 1 acre of land. He has only one son (my father), my father had 2 wives. I am son of 2 nd wife. My father died before my grand father. 1 st wife of my father has 3 sons. How the assets will be shared among us?

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1. Usually each wife get one share and her chidren get devided in that property

2. Thus you get half share

3. Your step brothers get half share and they have to make three shares in that property.

4. But as per recent law sons of legally wedded wife have three shares and you will get 1/4 share.

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Yes, the property will be divided equally among all the 4 children of your father, irrespective of you being son from the 2nd wife. Even an illegitimate child has an equal right over his fathers property. 

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