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Asked April 22, 2016

Disowning sons

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i am 68 yrs old and retired now. i had two sons from my first wife. i educated them and married them and gave them houses and financial assistance. as i was not well treated by their wives, i married second time. my sons did not tolerate this and they wanted me to live like their servants and they should have approach over my retirement pension. my elder son and his wife always keep on demanding money. out of my pension i am helping him because he has two little daughters. inspite of doing all this my elder son and his wife keeps me mentally tourtered. They both are earning handsome money but still wanted to get more from me. now i am so fed up with them that i wanted to disown them. Pls advise me what to do. thanks n regards.

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Answer Framed by Ayushi Singhal, a Lawfarm Researcher:   While we can understand your situation, the laws in India do not provide for disowning children. However you can refuse to give them any share of your property and to avoid the transfer of your property to your children on your death, you can prepare a will accordingly.
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