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Asked January 08, 2018

Dismissal of case

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My relative filed a claim on a house in which i am living after 4 hours of case district court dismissed the case (contested-dismissed ) this is what is see on website our case was like we have a will in which house should be on my name and they have a will that the house in question should be on 02 names they claimed half share in house . so the Ld. Judge dismissed the case it which means we won the case however in the order it is written that other party's claim is right and we are bound to give them half share . so please help me know as after winning the case i lost it........

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Dismissal of case can be for variaty of reasons. Some of them are (1) Dismissed for want of jurisdiction (2) Dismissed as the Limitation Period (Means period within which one has to file a case against other) is over (3) Dismissed as withdrawn (Means the party who filed the case has withdrawn the case with the permission of court) (4) Dismissed after hearing the parties and on merits etc. 

In your case, the case is filed by opposite party and which is now shown on website as Dismissed. It means you have won and he has lost. However, as explained above, you have to show the copy of order to some local advocate to understand its implications.


Ajit Lakhani

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