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dishonoured cheque presented in bank

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Under what circumstances can dishonoured cheque be presented in bank 3 times?

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Taking into consideration your the above query. 

Any cheque can be presented in the bank enumber of times. 

A cheques interument is valid in 3 months from the date of issue to the payee. 

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Dear Sir/madam,


We need to understand one logical thing here that the bank has no restrictions whatsoever in accepting the same dishonoured cheque again and again. It’s just that the bank charges a certain amount for depositing the cheque and therefore, is in the favour of bank’s business interest only. This charge/fee gets deducted automatically from the depositor’s account. Generally, the cheque gets returned by the bank to the depositor alongwith a memo attached to it which mentions the reason of the returning of the cheque and the affected legal provision of Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.

So it ultimately comes down to the sweet will of the depositor of the cheque that he/she still (even after getting the charge/fee deducted in every such transaction) wants to continue the process of presenting the dishonoured cheque again and again.

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It can be possible on the instructions of person who issued the cheque.

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In every circumstances you can deposit three times cheque in three months except in remark- account closed or signature differs

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