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Asked August 09, 2016

Difference in Father's name in different documents

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Respected, my name is N.BHANU SIVA PRAKASH i have an issue with my educational certificates, in my matriculation certificate my father name was printed wrong N. SREENIVASA RAJU instead of N.VENKATA SRINIVASA RAJU , my father was not so literate so he ignored it at that time that was continued same in +2 and my graduation certificates. As my other identity proofs was written correct as N.VENKATA SRINIVASA RAJU. So now it makes an issue for my passport. I got to know that if i apply for court that his name was printed wrong, and we request the Honorable judge to give permission for change of my fathers name in my educational certificates, if he grant us permission then i can apply for my passport please give me your valuable advise. thanking you sir.

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In order to change the name of your father in your matriculation and graduation certificate, you have to follow a standard procedure. You do not have to go the Court. 


Step 1 - To get affidavit made regarding the change of name of your father by your local notary and the reason for doing so. In your case, you have to say that your father's name has been misspelled.


Step 2 - You must have to publish the name of change of your father in your local publication. Get it published in local newspapers of your locality. 


Step 3 - Then you must have to publish the name change in Official Gazette in your State. To publish it you have to reach the department in your state who mobilizes in Gazette notifications. Once reached there, ask for the "Deed Changing Surname Form". You have to fill the form and send the form to the Secretary, Department of Commerce & Transport of your State with your attested copies of affidavit, 2 original publication of your name change in local newspapers, copy of your current identity like Aadhar card, Pan card or any other academic certificates(of your father). Also, a statement in which saying that you would like to change the name of your father in the matriculation and other certificates for your passport and you need to publish it in Official Gazette.


Step 4 - Once you receive the response from the Secretary after the due verification of the aforementioned documents sent to the Secretary. Now you need to show it to the Department which engages in Official Gazette and get it published it


And once you have published it, you can make copies and use it for any future reference. You can submit this while you are applying for your passport purposes.


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