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defamation without specifying any name

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Can a statement be defamatory even if I have not mentioned anybody's name?

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Srija Choudhury

Yes, a statement can be defamatory even if the name of the person is not mentioned.

In these two illustrations mentioned in the act itself, even though there is no mention of any name but there is a clear indication of imputation of reputation

This is the most simplest way to show that statement can be defamatory even without mentioning any name(b) A is asked who stole B’s watch. A points to Z, intending to cause it to be 

believed that Z stole B’s watch. This is defamation unless it fall within one of the 



(c) A draws a picture of Z running away with B’s watch, intending it to be believed 

that Z stole B’s watch. This is defamation, unless it fall within one of the 


If the statement falls within the 10 exceptions of sec 499 then the statement will not be considered defamatory.

The basic principle is that it is enough if the evidence can indicate imputation was directed towards a person who can be identified.


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