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Asked August 11, 2016

deduction of wages

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DEDUCTION IN WAGE DUE MISSING FROM WORKSPOT HR issued warning letter that missing from worksport for around 40 minutes and wage will be deducted accordingly. Since the concerned workspot is locked and key kept in security area. Hence they cited the employee should have collected key and opened at time. Since another person to collect key and there was delay in collecting in security. How can protect employees wage?

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Rahul Singh

Firstly, you should convey this to your HR team that it was the fault of the person collecting the key only and the security team and the employees are not responsible for the security delays as they didn’t have any control over it. So, it’s not prudent to punish all for the fault of few. Further you didn’t mention whether the order nominated any person for collecting the keys or was it open for everyone, you must read the order document of the HR department and see these details. If the order don’t talk about provisions of collection of keys (either by normal employees or by any particular authorised person) it will be treated as a vague order and can be challenged.

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It is a common principal of law that a man cannot be punished for another man’s negligence. Keeping

this in mind, the company cannot make such an arbitrary rule, which violates the basic principal of

natural justice stated above.

Hence the company cannot legally deduct a workers wage for the delay caused by another person. Only

the worker whose responsibility it was to acquire the key and open the door to the work spot can be

held liable and only his wage can be deducted for breach of duty.

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