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Asked October 03, 2016

Criminal case and implication on job

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POLICE VERIFICATION/BACKGROUND CHECK POLICE VERIFICATION/BACKGROUND CHECK hello two years ago I accidentally trespassed into a house in an inebriated state. It was an accident and they were independent houses and all the houses look exactly the same. since I was drunk the people in the house, who were bachelors, thought i was an intruder and started beating me up until my friends came and intervened. everything was calm and cool but i lost my cool and i went against the inhabitants of the house for beating me (i just shouted at them and i asked them to lodge a police complaint ; yeah, i know, it is my stupidity) so they lodged a complaint with the police. the police took me to the police station and scolded me for being so irresponsible. after that i don't know what happened the inhabitants wrote something on a paper and i was asked to pay a fine of 1500 in the court. i was sent after spending around 1 hr in the police station and the next day i went to the court and paid the fine. the police there assured me that it was a petty case and nothing to worry at all. currently am not working and am preparing for government competitive exams and the incident happened in chennai and now i live in hyderabad. the police station which took me in was also not the place i used to live while i was in chennai. sir my question is I don't know if an FIR has been registered, all remember was the house owners writing something on a white paper, the police in the court assured me that this is a petty offense just like a traffic violation and I need not worry about it. But now I am worried about it. If I were to get selected in a government job or any other job for that matter, will this case jeopardize my career and my life? will i be treated as a criminal equivalent to a person who is sent to jail??? thank u

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I do not know what exactly the FIR/complaint said. It is best if you contact that police station and find out details of the complaint.

I don't think there is a need to be worried about being equated to criminals in jail. Like the police said, it is like a traffic violation. Only if it mentions grave crimes such as abetment to suicide or murder, dacoity, robbery, rape, etc., should you worry of its implications on jobs.


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