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Asked April 01, 2017

Corruption in government school administration

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My name is manish singh and I am writing this email to inform you that my sister whose name is Shweta Singh is the senior teacher in a primary school of Varanasi from past 6 years. She is posted in Govt P.s Shivpur school which is in Varanasi. She is pregnant and needs to take her maternity leave of 6 months however in order to get her leaves approved she needs to pay a bribe of Rs 1000 to the Assistant BSA office in Varanasi so that they sign her leave request. This corruption does not end here but once her leave is approved and she comes back from her 6 months leave she again has to pay Rs 1000 to the senior BSA so that they do not stop her salary. I am a huge follower and fan of you and your policies hence I am writing this email in a hope that you can help my sister to avoid paying bribery in her school so that this corruption can be stopped in U.P. She has lost her faith in the UP government hence she does not complain because she says that everyone is corrupt and the boss of the BSA who takes bribe is also corrupt. She even paid Rs 1 lacs bribe in the past to get her transfer done in Varanasi city since she was serving the rural branch of primary school from past 3 years and she was supposed to be transferred to the city branch however without bribe no one agreed to do her transfer due to which she had to pay bribe. She is a migraine patient and she herself has huge responsibilities of her family and paying bribe every now and then to get her work done makes her disappointed and sad with the approach of government. I hope that you will help us in this issue. I am also escalating this issue to the prime minister of India to let him know that corruption is in the roots of U.P.

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Dear Sir/madam,

We feel sad to inform you that unfortunately corruption has seeped down to the roots of the nation. In order to make the officials take a decision faster and in your favour, you somehow need to go through the same channel. Please understand, at no point of time we suggest you to do the same and follow the footsteps of the looted. But doing this, seems to be the way out. Also, the solutions to fight with it legally are many fold, such as:- (1) writing a letter to the Chief Minister of the state, (2) one letter to the Collector as well (3) informing the police station of the area about the ongoing activities, (4) filing a legal complaint / case before the magistrate of the court directly. We see that you have already taken a step to inform the Prime Minister of the country regarding this issue.

Taking reference from your own earlier act of getting a transfer from the rural branch to the urban branch by bribing the officials, you should have approached the concerned authorities at that time only (shouldn’t have bribed them then). The harsh reality of the country is this only that people find it easier and less time consuming to bribe the officials then and there rather than approaching the Court or the Police. The later process somehow seems to be much more expensive and time consuming (in giving you the remedy you want). And we are sorry to say, we choose to live happily under the ongoing situations.

From where we see the problem, you have got 2 solutions to it :-

  • Either get along – getting used to the process of corruption
  • Or file a criminal complaint against him in the concerned court of law under the purview of various sections of The Prevention Of Corruption Act, 1988 or The Indian Penal Code. Court case might take some months to resolve to issue at hand but the victory will ultimately be yours.

We will advice you one more thing regarding your paying 1 lac during transfer proceedings, please don’t come out openly with it saying that you have facilitated corruption earlier and might be interested or forced to do it again. Saying such wordings out loud, is also an offence and you might get booked for “facilitating and bribing a government official”. Try and understand, taking bribe is an offence but giving bribe is also punishable. If you think that Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 does not specifically deals with punishing the giving of bribe then Section 109 in The Indian Penal Code talks about “Punishment of abetment if the act abetted is committed in consequence and where no express provision is made for its punishment” – this section covers your act.

Further, the Hon’ble Bombay High Court has also deliberated on the same issue.[1]

One of the bestest of solutions possible, which helps you both morally as well as economically is that – inform the police or the CBI about such bribe activities going on. In this solution, you need to actually give the money covered in a chemical powder that turns pinkish red proving that the person was at the receiver’s end of the illegal gratification. Plus record all the happenings with the help of a secret audio recorder. For further details, the police or the CBI with explain you everything.



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