Asked March 31, 2014

Copyright on sketches of cartoon character

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If I draw cartoon character from Disney/Pixar and sell, will it be a case of copyright?

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Asmita Rakhecha

The Copyright Act, 1957 contains the provisions as to copyright in any work, literary, dramatic, artistic, sound recording, musical or cinematographic films. Section 2(m) defines an ‘infringing copy’ in relation to artistic work as, reproduction of the work without authorisation of the original creator. Thus making copies or drawings of any character from Disney or Pixar without obtaining prior authorisation shall constitute infringement of copyright and such drawings shall be deemed to be infringing copies. Sub-section (b) of Section 51 provides that if any person sells or makes for hire any copies of work then such act shall constitute an infringement of copyright. Hence selling the drawings made by you shall constitute an infringement of Copyright. Since India is a part of many International Copyright treaties, thus even though these companies are based outside India, their works shall be protected within India too.

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