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Asked November 06, 2013

Copyright infringement for college projects

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If I refer to a book for my college project and use some content from the book, is it plagiarism? Is it the same as copyright infringement?

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Asmita Rakhecha

As per Section 52 of the Copyright Act certain acts are not considered to constitute an infringement of copyright. As per sub-section (i) of the Section any act done by a teacher or a pupil in the course of instruction in order to answer questions does not constitute an infringement of copyright. Hence borrowing content from a book for the purpose of making a project by a student does not constitute an act of infringement. However plagiarism is viewed from a moral ground rather than from the legal point of view. Plagiarism is constituted by any act where a work is copied without giving proper credit. Hence copying content from a book for the purpose of your project without giving proper references shall constitute plagiarism however shall not be deemed to be an infringement of Copyright. According to the Indian laws for the time being in force, infringement of Copyright is punishable, and plagiarism is punished only if it also constitutes a copyright infringement.

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