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Asked September 06, 2013

copyright for websites

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i want to take copyright for a website. How can I take it and to how much extend is it useful?

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As such, copyright exists the moment you make your website. However, you may choose to register or not register it. The only benefit you receive on registering it is of evidential value. Further, your website copyright gives you exclusive rights to the site's content. And copyright law gives the copyright owner exclusive rights over the following:

·         Reproduction of the work

·         Preparation of derivative works

·         Distribution of copies of the work to the public

·         Public display and performance of the work

However, one must remember that the HTML code and programming is owned by the outside developer. The actual content of the website is owned by the owner of the website.


I suggest that you create a copyright deposit with each significant update on your website by following this link here: http://www.copyright.in/copyright_form_registration.html

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