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Asked September 19, 2017

Consumer complaint for twowheeler

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I own a Honda Activa 125 and I'm distressed with the sort of service I have received. Listing down the timeline of events: 26 Jun 2017 - Bike undergone full service from Authorized service center 10 Jul 2017 - Met with an accident as a result of rim bend/flat tyre possibly caused by riding over a pot hole 05 Aug 2017 - Bike undergone full repair covered by insurance from Authorized service center 11 Sep 2017 - Bike skids as a result of rim bend/ flat tire without any sort of impact. MIt is pretty obvious that the tyre Rim was not replaced beside me instructing to do so over a call. I was also informed by insurance that the rim would be replaced but I have received no physical confirmation about the same. This could have cost me my life and I want to know if there is something I can do to take action against such ignorance.

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Dear Client, 

You can file a consumer complaint in the District Consumer Forum for the harrassment and any other damage caused to you. You will get paid for all your damages and harrassment.

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You should send a letter to the company with all the details of your complaint and the remedy you seek. Also mention the date by which you expect a response from them failing which you will go for a consumer complaint. Attach copies of relevant documents.

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