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Asked June 10, 2021

Consumer Complaint

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I've been misled by a service provider and have decided to take legal action. How do I file a complaint before the Consumer Court? What is the fee that I have to pay?

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A complaint can be filed either offline (in writing) or online ( at a Consumer Commission. The complaint can also be sent through post. It can be filed by yourself or through an agent. A total of three copies will be required as one will be forwarded to the respondent, while one will be retained for official purposes with the other being for yourself. With regard to the court fee, it varies depending on the value of goods or services paid as consideration. For cases in the district commission, if the value is less than 5 lakh, court fees need not be paid. The fee varies from none to Rs. 2000 at the district level depending on the consideration. At the state commission, the fee ranges from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 6000. At the national commission, where the consideration is above Rs. 10 crore, the court fee is Rs. 7500.

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