Arvind Singh
Asked February 11, 2017

Construction on government land

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I am constructing asadhan sahkari samiti but some people are telling that there ia a stay order of court. Is it possible if the building is construct on government land?

Answer 1

Sir/Ma’am it is illegal for a person to construct a property on a government land without authorisation. To identify whether the land on which you want to construct is government or private you must approach the Municipality or the Registrar for Stamps’ office with the survey number of your land and seek information there. The government usually declares a land as its own vide a Government Order which will be published in the official Gazette. You can search for this online as well or go to the office.  

If you don’t know your survey number, then you must appoint a government authorised surveyor to do the survey for you. This number will help you identify the nature of the land you possess (Agriculture, SEZ, government, green belt, residential etc.)

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