Asked February 12, 2017

Complete the degree while doing government job

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If any body is pursuing a regular course and more than half or only one semester is remaining and in between if the candidate is selected in a gov. job so is there any provision so that he/she can complete the course while doing the job?

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You need to take permission if you are starting course or if only one semester remaining you should intimate the said office regarding your course.

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Dear Sir/madam,

When pursuing a regular degree, it is always advisable to take a prior permission of your employer to continue doing the same. Because in such a situation, the absolute discretion rests with the employer to permit you to continue with the degree or not. There are no specific legal provisions mentioned anywhere that affects or governs such a situation. This is a strict employer-employee relation case and depends on their mutual settlement.

There are certain conditions attached to it, for eg. the degree in concern was the basis of your selection (graduation degree) or is it a second/additional degree. Meaning thereby, that if the graduation degree was the eligibility criteria and you still don’t have received a provisional degree in hand at the time of joining the job then there are very few chances of employer agreeing to the condition. Whereas, when the degree is an a post graduation one, the employer might consider.


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