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Asked December 16, 2016

Cheating for money

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My consultancy is located in Chennai but using my brand name people have looted money from candidates but candidates are calling me asking for money back, how should I handle?

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File Criminal complaint in local police station describing all facts as well suit for infringement of your brand name if you are registered proprietor of trademark.

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First of all issue a legal notice to the consultancy for not to use your tradename. If you are a registered propritor of Trade mark then file a civil suit for infringement of trademark for not to use your trade name. In the suit you can seek damages for the wrongful use of your tradename. In case your tradename has not registered then you can file a suit for passing off to restrain them not to use your trade name. At the same time you can issue a paper publication to awarness the peopel not to contact with the said consultancy and you can lodge a criminal complaint against the said consultancy for cheating and impersonation. 

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Sir, this problem can be tackled by a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, and most importantly you along with the victims may approach a police station and register an F.I.R. against the fraudsters under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code for cheating. On doing so you the Police will take over the investigation and you may serve as a prosecution witness as and when required.

            Further if the whereabouts of the culprits are known you may furnish them a legal notice     demanding to immediately to stop using your company’s name reimburse the money scammed from the victims. Lastly if you have a registered trade mark you can also file suit for damages resulting out of the infringement of intellectual property rights.

            However, you must seek professional legal help, which can be obtained at the link below:

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