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Asked May 12, 2016

cheating and Forging certificates, providing false information and misguiding

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Someone has given me fake and forged certificates, supposedly from 'The universal Star Registry', 'The Universal Time Registry' and 'The Dalai Lama'. I've proof that they're unauthentic, they've a lot of spelling and formatting errors, have a different layout from the authorized certificates and one of them mentions his name as well. Is this a punishable offense?  

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Presenting a false document with the purpose of cheating is an offence of foregery under Section 468 of the Indian Penal Code. In the given facts the man gave you a forged document with the intention of cheating you and it can be covered under Section 468 of the Indian penal Code. Further under section 197 of Indian Penal Code, if someone provides you with a fake certificate and knows it to be one, then he/she can be punished for forgery for the purpose of cheating. Courts have identified that certificates are used to seek education, employment etc. and thus procuring fake certificates is a legal offence.[1] In this case, one of the certificate has this man's signature, therefore it is a proof that he knows it is fake. In this case, I believe that he tried cheating you , as one of the certificates had his signature as well, thus proving that he in most likelihood knows all these certificates are fake. This prior knowledge fits the requirements of filing a case against this man under section 468 as well. You can go to the nearest police station and show these certificates, tell them why you feel they are fake and ask them to register a FIR against this man. Therefore, it is advised that a police complaint be filed against this man with the certificates being produced as proof.   [1] M. Karnan vs The Presiding Officer, W.P. Nos. 8446 & 15727 of 1997, High Court of Judicature Madras     Researcher: Saurabh Kumar
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