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Cheated by boyfriend

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Hello Respected Lawyer, I am now 21 years old, my case is that I was in a relationship with a Muslim guy for 4 years when I was 17 years old. He promised me and proposed me for marriage when I was 17 and I was not mature at that time so I blindly trusted him and we had physical relationship right from when I was not even 17 years old. At the very first time I even denied however he took me forcefully to his new flat claiming that he will show the new flat. This continued for 4 years. He also used to take money from me every time for petrol or some or the other reason and I also supported him financially. Later on by November 2016, I found him hiding and suspicious so I stopped helping him financially and the moment I stopped supporting, he said that he wanted to break up now and he was only doing timepass with me. He also insulted my image and character between his friends who later on spread the same to other people which is affecting my social life. He told very personal things which I can’t he even share with anyone. He never told me this in the past 4years that it is timepass and he will not marry me. Always he aked me to wait until I did my MBA and we will get married then. After knowing all this, I confronted his parents and told them all the truth and they simply said whats done is done and now leave him and move ahead and she said that if I go legally she will involve her religion people and have a hindu muslim chaos. Then I went to file a police complaint in the station and he was arrested however his father and mother came and forced me to speak with them for 10 minutes and they said that they will ensure that they will get their son married to me and he will give it in writing after we go out and requested me to take back the case and do not sign in FIR which I did because I thought atleast I should give them a chance and I am scared to go to the same station they told me last time only that do not come back with the same complaint.Once we left from there, his parents met my parents the next day and they didn’t bring their son and said he is in shock and give him some time so we decided the next meeting will be after 8 days which was at 15/01/2017 and they will bring their son and will take it further however they denied to meet and are just pushing the meeting further. I have all the proofs available with me which is whatsapp chat and voice recordings.I want to punish him and now I am not ready for any compromise as he is not even having any guilt and will spoil more girls life. Atleast my one step will save one girl’s life atleast. I also want to include his friends in this case and wanted to have a investigation Is it possible? Please guide me what to do. 

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you can lodge FIR against him and his friends 

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Dear sir/madam,

In my opinion, you should send them a legal notice through an advocate, explaining them the repercussions of what they have done and also stating the legal course of actions that you are willing to take as a result of, him not keeping his promise. The legal provisions those are available to your aid by the purview of a criminal complaint are as follows :-

Section 90 of Indian Penal Code suggests that consent obtained via "misconception of fact" is not really consent.

Section 376 mentions that sex is rape if it is without the girl's consent.

Section 354 of Indian Penal Code will also become applicable here, which talks about Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty.

Section 503 in The Indian Penal Code mentions Criminal intimidation – meaning thereby to harm the reputation or property of any one in whom that person is interested, with intent to cause that person to do any act which he is not legally bound to do. 

The abovementioned criminal complaint can be filed by you, in the form of :-

  • A private criminal complaint directly before the magistrate in the district court, or
  • Through a police complaint i.e. an F.I.R. in the police station.
  • Further, another criminal complaint can be levelled against him under the garb of section 415 and Section 405 of Indian Penal Code. Section 415 defines Cheating whereby a person deceives another into delivering him his money either on a pretence of fiduciary (based on trust) relationship etc. and section 405 defines Criminal breach of trust – resulting from the misadvantage taken by a person over the thing entrusted upon.

    Also, if you say that your age at the time of having your first physical relation with this person was 16 or below that, then certain other legal provisions also get attracted here. And subsequently, gives rise to one more criminal complaint involving POCSO i.e. Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. The said act labels the accused as a serious offender.

    Incase you are facing any difficulty pursuing the above advice or want any help in filing the case. Please follow the link below



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