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Asked September 06, 2017

Charged for fake case and found guilty

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I have been charged for FIR under IPC 353 , 332 in year 2012 in a fake case by "police home guard ". Now I have been punished only under IPC 332 for two (2) years and 1000 rs fine. I have applied to session court with new advocate because old advocate spoilt my case due no proper cross examination against home guard sdop. 1. Can I compound in session court with home guard.? 2. How can i get rid from this fake case.? 4. What  do I do next ?

Answer 1

At this point, the smartest thing to do would be to present all evidence to substantiate your claims in front of the sessions court with detailed facts and circumstances. 

In case of an appeal the Appellate Court may, if it considers that there is no sufficient ground for interfering, dismiss the appeal, or may –

(i) reverse such order and direct that further inquiry be made; or

(ii) direct that you be re-tried or committed for trial, as the case may be; or

(iii) find you guilty and pass sentence  according to law.

Make sure that your current advocate performs his duties responsibly and presents all relevant evidence to ensure that you are acquitted.



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