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Certifications and legal procedures to sell Computer components

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Hello, as there are many certifications present such as - FCC / CE / ROHS being a known few, out of all, what are mandatory (legally required) for a computer component - computer cabinet, made out of these following basic materials - metal, plastic & rubber, need to have in order to be sold primarily at e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. I'd like to mention that it has no sharp / moving parts / electronics, apart from the screws provided in a separate pouch clearly labeled as a 'Choking Hazard'. Best, ZG

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Saurabh Kumar

We are not exactly clear about what your product is, so we can help you with the general rules covering computer components and electronic goods:

The Department of Electronics and IT ( DeitY) has issued the Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012, bringing into force a scheme for mandatory regime of registration of identified 15 electronic products so that these products meet specified safety standards. They include video games, laptop/notebook/tablet, Plasma/LCD/LED televisions, Microwave Ovens, Printers and Scanners, Telephone Answering Machines, Electronic Musical Systems etc.

As against licensing, the scheme provides for self-registration of specified electronic goods. The scheme provides that no person shall by himself or through any person on his behalf manufacture or store for sale, import, sell or distribute specified electronic goods which do not conform to the specified standard and do not bear the words “Self-declaration” – Conforming to IS (Relevant Indian Standard mentioned in column (3) of the Schedule) on such Goods after obtaining Registration from the BIS.  Substandard or defective Goods which do not conform to the specified standard will be deformed beyond use by the manufacturer and disposed off as scrap.

Thus, please check if your computer and its related parts like the printer, CPU, monitor , keyboard et al. have the relevant IS.  If yes, you may individually approach separate e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc and offer your item for sale.




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