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Case filed against me

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A NC is registered against me in the police station by one of the society members. The scenario behind this issue like, from last few months we are facing the very bad experience from some of the society members like abusing, taunting, misbehaving, etc. So I sent a letter to the Society Committee 2 months ago to notify them and get solution on it. At that time I didn't received any response from them. After a month's time I again submitted a letter to the committee members and hung a copy of letter in the Society Notice Board. In both the letters I didn't mention the name of any member. But this time also they just ignored this letter. But my family were still facing the issue and one of the lady started very bad commenting regularly. So in frustration I put a below WhatsApp message to the group of Society Members with the name of the lady i.e. "XYZ" from below message (she is the wife of one of Police). Original WhatsApp Message: "Hi all once again... I know that no one is serious about the issue we are facing from last few months.... but i am in fear that i may have to face the issue like the ABC of false police complaint.... Actually i don't wish to disclose the name, but now i have to... Mrs. XYZ are just doing false comments against us every moment n taunting us... We are just frustrated now.. I just want to update this with everyone as if tomorrow such situations occurred then I want support from everyone and this msg will be proof for my safety... I am not expecting anything more from anyone but i just want to be safe... I dont know why everyone against me but if any kind of police issue occurs then i want to be safe with all truth... Even in future if it goes on, then i can place FIR for my safety." Based on this message she (Mrs. XYZ) filed a complaint against me. Could you please let me know what is the wrong thing in this message and now what should I do against this NC?

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No, there is nothing wrong in this message. Now, as she has filed a NC against you, you must make sure that there are at least few society members(these people will act as a witness from your side, if required ), who are aware of the problem you are facing from past so many months.

You will receive a summon (the court will ask you to appear in the court ) from the court and you will be asked to give a reply on the complaint filed by that lady. You have to tell the whole scenario and make sure you have the copy of the complaint letters that you have written to the society committee and inform the court that no action was taken by the committee even after the repeated letters.


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