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Carrying Liquor across state borders

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Is it allowed to carry liquor to Maharashtra from goa? What are the regulations for liquor in the state of Maharashtra? Suppose I am having both permits , issued by Goa which allows 2 bottles and issued by MH which allows 12 bottles to transport on land of MH

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In Maharashtra the possession, consumption and transportation of liquor is illegal without a licence. Current laws in Maharashtra permit 12 bottles of liquor possession, consumption and transportation. However, due to varied tax rates this amount varies from state to state. As liquor cost due to imposed tax rates is less in Goa in comparison with Maharashtra, Goa permits transport of only 2 bottles (all hard alcohol in 750ml/ 1 Litre bottles except for Wines and Beer).[1]

Though checking is not very regular in buses and trains but a large number of complaints can be found of people being unreasonably harassed by the authorities despite of a legal permit. From a legal point of view transport of 2 bottles from Goa to Maharashtra is absolutely legal in case of a valid license. However, practically speaking, taking due care is advisable as it is often seen that the police seizes the bottles of passengers despite a licence and bribe often becomes the only solution. This problem is faced largely by bus travellers as trains are never checked and flights have their own guidelines and do not take such illegal steps. Hence make sure that:

i. You carry the permit slip with you; and

ii. You do not carry more than two bottles of liquor which has been mentioned in the said permit slip: especially if you are travelling by bus.


[1] Article on liquor permit rules in Goa available at:

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