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Asked November 18, 2016

Car accident

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I am resident of sector 39 Noida. On 11th Nov., I parked my car in front of my home, in the mid-night another car hit my car from backside and my car got damaged. G4S security is in place to provide 24x7 security inside the society, the G4S security in charge knows all about the accused car owner but he is not ready to provide any details about the accused. I talked with Society president and society security in-charge but no one is ready to provide me the details even they have all details about the accused car owner. I registered a police complaint against the case but till now there is no action taken by the police. Today I came to know about the accused car owner’s details from some other sources. Is there any way to complaint against the accused car owner as well as society security in charge and G4S security in charge? 

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You can file an FIR against the accused and claim compensation for the damage caused. If the police is not taking an action despite follow up, write an application to the senior authority in the station.

With respect to complaint against G4S security you will have to prove that they abetted the offence by illegal omission. Section 107 and 108 of IPC deals with abetment. 

Section 107 in The Indian Penal Code

107. Abetment of a thing.—A person abets the doing of a thing, who—

(First) — Instigates any person to do that thing; or

(Secondly) —Engages with one or more other person or persons in any conspiracy for the doing of that thing, if an act or illegal omission takes place in pursuance of that conspiracy, and in order to the doing of that thing; or

(Thirdly) — Intentionally aids, by any act or illegal omission, the doing of that thing. Explanation 1.—A person who, by wilful misrepresentation, or by wilful concealment of a material fact which he is bound to dis­close, voluntarily causes or procures, or attempts to cause or procure, a thing to be done, is said to instigate the doing of that thing. 

If you wish to initiate an action you can post your case on the following link:

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