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Asked April 23, 2016

Can I extend Rent Agreement?

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I want to make my tenant leave my house, but only after 6 Months. I need him to stay for a short period only, because I need the rent money, but after some time I want to live there. The rent agreement is expiring in May 2016. Can I extend it? Does it have to be for 11 months? Can it be for shorter period? Kindly tell me my options.

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Answer by Sammanika Rawat, Lawfarm Researcher: If you had entered into a registered agreement than you can occupy your space after the expiry of the time period as per the agreement i.e. 11 months (31st May) especially if you had given 15 days notice. However if you want to extend the time period, then you can renew for a shorter time period (since you don't want to increase the rent) before the expiry of the present agreement. But whatever the mutual understanding be, you must take it into writing from your tenant that he shall vacate within the agreed period/ before the expiry of that period, so as to avoid complications later. If you want to extend it for a longer period (12 months or more), you must enter into a fresh agreement and get it registered to make it enforceable. However, we would like to also warn you than if the agreement is for 12 months or more, then it will be subject to stricter Rent laws (that is why people generally keep rent agreements only for 11 months).
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