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Asked April 21, 2016

Can Company name be same as the product?

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Hi, We are registering a company under Private Ltd. I want to know whether our company name and the product name can be same? What are the Pros and Cons if the company name & product name are same? Why most of the companies go with different company name and product?

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Answer Framed by Ayushi Singhal, Lawfarm Researcher:   There is no bar under the current laws in India on the name of company also being the name of the product. While there are no apparent legal benefits of this strategy, yet one might have to do less of advertising of the subsequent product names once the company name has already achieved goodwill. However this approach also has many drawbacks, this might not work when one intends to move global and in some languages, the company name might mean something totally opposite in relation to the product or when the company acquires another company and does not want to change the name of the products of the acquired company. This also hinders the company from diversifying in different products, for instance, if a company is already established in say, field of cement manufacturing and wants to diversify in cosmetics, its brand image might hinder people from buying the cosmetic product having the same name as a cement brand. These are perhaps the reasons why a company might go for different names for a company and a product.
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