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Bigmay case against the husband

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A bigamy case is against my husband in the court. Yesterday his lawyer crossed me. Finally he reported whatever I said is false. I have given false complaint against him. I produced my marrige invitation and photo, my husband written statement got via rti in xerox format. He told me its not valid. Enquiry is over. My doubt is which is very important enquiry statement or evidence produced by me. PP is appointed for me. He will cross my husband or not?

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According to Hindu tradition and as stated by the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, a wedding is only said to be complete after performing sacred rituals and customs that have been followed since time immemorial. Section 7 of the Act narrates two essential ceremonies of a valid marriage, which are: (a) Invocation before the sacred fire and. (b) Saptapadi. Absence of these essential ceremonies invalidates the marriage. Therefore photos of you and your husband performing these rites can be presented on record to provide conclusive proof of your wedding. Further a marriage certificate and the invitation as presented by you also can serve as evidences to establish the existence of a valid marriage. Yes the Public Prosecutor will be allowed to cross examine your husband just as his lawyer examined you. Right to cross examination is an essential aspect of a fair trial and it is your right guaranteed by the law.
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