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Asked March 06, 2017

Being forced to sign

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I am in NIT Calicut, I accidentally took my phone to exam hall which i gave to faculty after realization of carrying a phone in exam hall,which she gave to head of department saying that i was copying from my mobile(which i did not do and she did not see).Now my HOD is forcing me to sign on a paper that i took my phone to exam hall(Half truth), and on basis of that signed paper he will give me a semester back.what should i do? i didnt signed on the paper yet.

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You should not sign on the paper as it may act as a confession from your side. Rather you may ask your friends or other candidates present during the incident to inform the HOD about the true incident. You can also write an application to the principal or dean of the college/university, giving all details of this inappropriate action. If you give such an application then the college is duty bound to carry out an enquiry and in that case all the candidates present would be asked about the same.

However, if the college fails to take appropriate steps then you may directly approach the consumer court as the Supreme Court, in Bhupesh Khurana and Ors. v. Vishwa Budha Parishad and Ors.,[1] has included educational institutions within the ambit of service providers. Since imparting uninterrupted and quality education is the duty of an educational institution, you may challenge the actions of the university so that the court directs the university to take appropriate steps to resume your classes. You may approach any HC or the SC as well, under the writ of mandamus, but a consumer court is a faster option.


[1] Available at: https://indiankanoon.org/doc/427110/.

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