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Asked June 17, 2021

Appeal against consumer court ruling

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In a product liability action, the District Consumer Commission ruled that I, a logistics service provider was in the wrong for deficiency of service. Can I appeal? Can appeals be filed against decisions of the Consumer Commissions? Will the threshold value of consideration not apply for appeals?

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Yes, absolutely. The threshold that is mentioned with regard to the value of goods or services paid as consideration holds only in case of original jurisdiction of the commissions. Appeals can be filed against any judgment passed by the District, State or National Consumer Commission. So appeals against orders from District Commissions can be taken to the State Commission (Section 41). This has to be done within 45 days after the judgment is passed. Similarly, State Commission orders can be taken for appeal at the National Commission, here within 30 days (Section 51). National Commission orders can also be appealed against at the Supreme Court (Section 67). Here as well, it has to be done within 30 days. Further, before an appeal is taken up in all of the aforementioned scenarios, 50% of the amount prescribed by the original order must have been paid. Also, the limitation period can be done away with if the appellate body feels that there was sufficient cause for not filing it within that period.

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