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Asked July 30, 2014

Apostacy: Mechanism to get divorce

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I read in the papers that a non-muslim woman who had converted into Islam to marry her muslim husband could "automatically get divorce" without having to get into lengthly divorce trials if she "re-converted back to hinduism" AND "filed a divorce petition" under the Muslim women's Dissolution of marriage act could ? Is my understanding right? Any extra requirements? Also, what are the ways a hindu woman who is married to a hindu man successfully get divorce from her unwilling husband, without getting into lengthy trials?

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The Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939 lays down nine grounds on which a Muslim woman could seek divorce in the court. Section 4 of the Act recognizes apostasy as the ground for divorce. According to which the requirement for obtaining a decree for dissolution of marriage does not apply to a woman converted to Islam from some other faith, who re-embraces her former faith. The marriage stands dissolved from the day the muslim wife converts into her former faith.

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