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Asked July 14, 2013

A.P. laws for delivering alcohol at door steps

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Are there any laws or rules for business of delivery of Alcohol at a door step ? (yes Alcohol is under the state list and state laws of excise apply, I am asking this question with Andhra Pradesh state laws in my mind )?

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Aditya Marwah

No, there aren’t any specific laws which state that whether alcohol can be delivered at the door step (See- Andhra Pradesh Excise (Grant of licence of selling by shop and conditions of licence) Rules, 2012. - Link: - and


The act does specify about the delivery at doorstep of the alcohol/liquor in the state of Andhra Pradesh. But it does state about how the liquor can be sold, a licence needs to be obtained from the government to deal in liquor which is done through the rules mentioned in the act. A shop is established which acts the means of a privilege granted under these rules for sale of Indian Made Foreign Liquor or Foreign Liquor in sealed or in capsuled bottles or packages or in tins to an individual in quantities not exceeding the limits as prescribed without permitting consumption on the licensed premises. The act also talks about the transport permit which needs to be obtained in order to carry out the transportation of the liquor.



The transport permit may be issued authorizing movement of IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) and FL(Foreign Liquor) within the State from the units of the Andhra Pradesh Beverages Corporation Ltd., to the licensed premises. Such transportation shall be governed by Andhra Pradesh Excise (Import, export and transport of IMFL and FL – Permits) Rules, 2005.

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