Asked September 18, 2016

Ancestral property partly sold to a third party

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Respected sir, Once I have already got an answer to my query. This is regarding ancestral property issue (husband side) where part of it has been sold to the third party. Property is a coffee estate in Chikmagalore, Karnataka which has come as an ancestral property to my father in law and his younger brother from their mother( I saw a document which speaks as mother have devided property between two sons I.e between my father in law and his second younger brother. But they are a family of 5 children and my father in law is the eldest one, he is been followed by two brothers and two sisters. Due to some love marriage issue, second son was expelled from family and he never asked for property share) post their father's demise. Recently some four months back, father in law's brother sold his property share to a third party. At the time of sale deed, they have taken my father in law's sign as well at subregister office. Father in law was in an assumtion, third party would be good and he will continue agriculture their. But soon they finished with registration, trouble from third party started as he was illegally trying to convert the agricultural lands to commercial with some poultry cheek factory. That's where myself and my husband objected by writing a petition to pollution control board,DC,AC,Village Panchayath..etc. The work been stopped as of now by the third party. My husband spoke to his uncle regarding buying back of the property as it was posing life time threat and initially husband's uncle, third party agreed to sell back the property. At the day for final talk again they changed their words as my husband's uncle was only trying to play foul. Sir, really not sure, is their any way to legally fight for the property? If not buying back, is there a way to cancel the sale deed and property should belong to my husband's uncle as third party seems to be disturbing as my aged in-laws live their. Before contacting local advocates, I would like to hear from you. Thanks,Regards Sridevi Bangalore

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