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Admission process in IIT

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I have an issue with admission process (eligibility terms) for Post Graduations in IIT-Delhi. Its regarding percentage vs CGPA at graduation level. IIT-D had set an arbitrary criteria i.e. 74% or 8.3 CGPA. However, this means they consider 74% and 8.3 cgpa equal, which is not correct. I have done graduation from IIT-BHU with CGPA 8.2 and equivalent percentage 82%. I raised the issue with authority and they accepted before interview but after selecting in interview, at final results announcement they overruled their own previous consideration. Matter will be listened to Delhi Highcourt as per my understanding.

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Shreya Mishra

To convert CGPA to percentage, the most common method which is followed is to multiply it by

9.5 and get the equivalent percentage. However some colleges follow the rule of their own and

calculate CGPA by multiplying with 100. However, for IIT Delhi admission process for post

graduation, the criteria mentioned is different from what you put it out.

Since we don’t know which course you are exactly applying for. You can check the following

links-­qualifications­and­procedure­admission­full­time- msr­programmes­mtechhigh­value­assi­2015

However, for the arbitrary admission process, you can challenge the denial of the admission

board after they had granted you admission initially. You would have to challenge it in the Delhi

High Court. There are several cases like Priya Gupta vs . State of Chhatishgarh and Ors . ( 08 .

05 . 2012 ­ SC ) and Sanjeet Ruhal vs . University of Delhi and Anr . ( 30 . 08 . 2013 ­ DELHC )

where Petitioners approached the Court because of discrepancies or arbitrary admission

process. However, before going to the Court, it would be advisable if you contact the Institution

and see if they can rectify the error or not as Courts and legal process would take longer.

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