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Abused by In laws for Dowry

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Problem is with MIL & FIL and husband money minded.they are harrassing me for money from 7 years I used to give full salarytill recent past 7 months. During this time, they always abuse me for not bringing dowry and forced me to give my full salary as their right. For any of my needs, they instruct me to ask them and will buy according to their choices even to buy my basic things like clothes MIL will buy and force me to wear to office. In any instance if I bought, she used to create problem that I am spending lot of money and not listening to their words. I had a daughter of 6 yrs and adjusted a lott..but now they bought new triple bedroom flat on their name. My husband is paying the house loan and car loan. I stopped giving full salary and started giving only half salary as they bought in some insecurities by not including me in any of the their transactions with money like when buying flat or selling land. Now they creating problem that I need to give my full salary. When I opposed that, they abused me with bad words, threatening me by leaving me and my daughter in my mothers house. I want to be with my husband and daughter but unable to tolerate their behaviour towards me and my parents. What shall I do to protect myself from their mental torture and my rights. Legal action may lead to more distance from my husband but is there any other way to solve the problem. Four times we involved relatives to try and convince them but they are not changing their behaviour.

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Since u have tried to solve things mutually, u don't have any other choice than taking legal action against ur MIL, FIL & husband. 

To protect right of you and  your daughter many  remedies available under various laws including domestic voilence act.  You have to consult lawyer for the same.   sometimes lodging the complaint may result in positive attitude of your MIL , FIL.

You may take help of counsellor to solve your problem. 


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Section 3 of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005 states that what constitutes domestic violence according to which domestic violence shall include: -

(a) Threats to health, safety, life etc, whether mental or physical, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse and economic abuse; or

(b) Harassmentthrough any forms such as harms, injuries to the aggrieved person by coercing her or any other person related to any unlawful demand for dowry or other property  or valuable security; or

(c) Otherwise injuring or causing harm, through physical or mental means to the aggrieved perso


Your in laws have thus been committing a crime under clause b – by coercing you with unlawful demand for dowry or other property  or valuable security.


You are advised to file a case under the Domestic Violence Act and Section 498 a of IPC that deals with dowry harassment as well against your husband and in laws. You are also advised to do the following-

  • Call 100 or 1091(women emergency helpline number) and report it to the concerned authority.
  • If possible write down the police report or incident number and keep with your records.
  • One can seek medical attention if required.
  • One can move to domestic violence shelter as stated under section 6 of protection of women from Domestic Violence act, 2005.
  • Seek the support of caring people on whom you have trust or who would keep your privacy such as a friend, a family member, a neighbour etc. So that they could act as a witness in your bad times.
  • One should have the safety plan to protect herself from daily violence.
  • File for protection order as stated under section 18 of Domestic Violence act so that the abuser can stay away from you.

One can also seek help of the below mentioned NGO’s if he or she wants, contact details are mentioned below: -


  • STREEBAL – 26164113
  • SHAKTI SHALINI – 24312483
  • SAKSHI - 24643946, 24623295


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