Santhosh Kumar
in Civil Law
Asked September 09, 2017

Abandoned after married in secrecy

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My girlfriend cheated me on promise of married me is it any possible to file a case against her i married her secretly and i am not register the marriage please guide me

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Respected Sir

You can still fight for you Rights.

Better Advice can be given you only after having detail discussion with you., as there are many possibilities.

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Adv.Shuchi Agarwal

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First of all you need to procure evidence that you were married. Priest/official who solemenized your marriage statement will be relevant. If you can establish that, you can file a case for restitution of marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act or even for divorce. A registered marriage certificate will always be more helpful but that does not mean that you cannot seek any relief under the Act if you can establish that you were married to the person.  

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