Client FAQs

A: Lawfarm is a legal portal for all your law-related needs! We provide a one-stop platform for you to ask, answer, discuss legal questions, we match lawyers and clients using our unique matching service, and from time to time, we even post legal updates and news for those of you who can’t get enough of law-related newsbytes!

Only registered users on Lawfarm are able to use our client-lawyer matching service. Clients post their case on our platform and our registered lawyers, upon viewing these cases, may decide to purchase the client’s job. Any further engagement with the client will take place separately.

Lawfarm also has its very own lawyer directory system where lawyers’ profiles are populated and curated with Lawfarm’s very own scoring system. This can go a long way in helping clients decide who to choose or engage for your legal matter because they will be able to sort lawyers in a logical, methodical manner.

You may also browse Lawfarm’s lawyer directory system freely.

A: As registered non-lawyer users, you will be able to post your case(s) on Lawfarm for viewing by our registered lawyers, and subsequently be contacted for potential engagements. You will also be able to post queries/answers on our Q&A board and as a registered member, you will have a much easier time sorting through your queries (imagine seeing anonymous questions everywhere!). As a registered member, you will also be able to find/choose lawyers for your legal matters or cases.

If you are not registered with us, you may only access the free content offered by our platform, such as some of our legal news and updates, and post questions anonymously.

A: If you know the areas of law your case falls under, select the types of lawyer and case in the dropdown menus provided.

Thereafter, post a brief description of your case and the key questions you have. Our lawyers will contact you after your case is approved.

A: It takes only 10 minutes or less to present your case on Lawfarm, depending on the complexity of your case. All you need to do is give a brief description of your legal problem.

A: You should never post any personal details (for eg, name, contact details, or even the names of other parties in your case) as you have not engaged a lawyer yet.

In addition, there is no need to post every detail you have about your case here. Most lawyers, upon hearing your case for the first time, do not require every single detail of your case. For your own privacy, you should therefore not post too much personal information or details on your case.

Having said that, we will be on hand to guide you. After you have submitted your posting, we will review your case and contact you if your case has too much or too little information. We will only approve and release your case for our lawyer members after parties are satisfied with the details.

A: Not to worry! Upon posting, your case will only be viewed by the lawyers registered with Lawfarm for consideration as to whether or not to take your case. Your contact details and name will only be disclosed to the lawyers who have purchased your case. Please note that you should not post any personal details in the case description.

Whatever you post in your case details will be kept strictly confidential and only viewable by our registered lawyers and not the general public.

A: After you post your case, we will review it. If there is a need, we will contact you for further details and provide such details in your case description. Otherwise, after review, we will approve your case and it will be viewable by all the lawyers registered with Lawfarm.

As to when a lawyer will contact you, much depends on the type of case you have, the budget, and whether the lawyer is interested to take your case. But do not worry, we will try our best to promote your case so that it will constantly be visible to our lawyers.

A: This is fine. In fact, this is the very reason we started Lawfarm. Just fill in a budget you are comfortable with. This should be a realistic and reasonable figure as we are quite sure our lawyers will consider this figure in deciding whether to take your case. If you have a small budget, some of our lawyers may even approach you for pro bono work in order to gain experience.

Sometimes, being realistic about your budget that you can afford helps your chances in getting an interested lawyer contact you. If you set Rs 0 as your budget, it would certainly be tougher to find a lawyer willing to help you for free (laws of the jungle!)

A: Of the 3 lawyers who contact you, it is important to choose a lawyer that is best suited for the job you want done. You may view their respective profile pages and consider their experience, experience, and reviews from other users.

After deciding on the lawyer you wish to engage, you may thereafter communicate with him and he should proceed with the engagement formalities separately. Your case will thereafter be removed from our system after a maximum of 3 months.

A: Lawyers in India are not required to have a Bar Council Registration Number. They are still able to dispense legal advice and help you with your legal problem. However, in order for lawyers to represent clients in court, they need to have been enrolled with the Bar and obtain a Bar Council Registration Number. If you require legal representation in court, please ensure that the lawyer you decide to engage has a Bar Council Registration Number.

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