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Declaring Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations worthless in a span of four hours is a bold move.

It has definitely led to host of questions, flooding the internet, the newspapers, and of course, the minds of common people. Can this really be done? What will I do now? How can we transact now?


By Lawfarm Team November 15, 2016
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company law ,   cyrus mistry ,   ratan tata ,   exit ,   cyrus mistry fired ,   cyrus mistry case ,   tata chairman fired

Scores of articles have been already penned down over the past few weeks on the change of stewardship at Tata’s. On October 24, 2016, the chairman of Tata Sons board Mr. Cyrus Mistry has been “replaced” and Mr. Ratan Tata has been appointed as an “interim chairman” for four months. This critical...

By Vanita Bhatnagar November 15, 2016

disabled person rights


Persons with disabilities are one of the most neglected sections of our nation. This is due to thesheer indifference of the society which subjects such people to disapproval and antipathy. Suchpeople have several rights under various Indian laws as well as UN...

By Nishu Khanna October 19, 2016
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motor vehicle bill ,   motor vehicles act ,   amendment bill ,   driving ,   vehicle isurance ,   gadkari

On 9th August 2016 the Road Transport and Highways Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari introduced The Motor Vehicles Amendments Bill 2016, in the lower house. This bill seeks amendment of the 28 years old Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

The Bill caught controversy right from the beginning. Just as the...

By Lawfarm Team October 03, 2016
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gambling ,   poker ,   law ,   betting ,   online poker ,   rummy ,   casino ,   is poker legal ,   is gambling legal ,   is betting legal in India ,   gambling laws ,   Public Gambling Act of 1867

Do you love poker? Or do you dream of opening your own casino? Do you love betting?

But are you wondering if it is legal in India?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, read on. This post is just for you.

There are different forms of gambling- one can go to a casino or can play...

By Lawfarm Team September 29, 2016
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Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act ,   POSCO ,   child sexual abuse ,   action against child sexual abuse ,   report ,   child porn ,   child pornography

If your child has been sexually abused, law provides a remedy. The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (‘Act’) provides a remedy for cases of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

Who is protected under the Act? This Act protects any child younger than eighteen years of age;

Therefore, the...

By Lawfarm Team September 20, 2016
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gst ,   goods and services bill ,   goods and services tax

After a decade’s wait, the Rajya Sabha has finally passed the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill also called as the (One Hundred and Twenty-Second Amendment) Bill, 2014, and it’s soon going to be a reality in 2017. The passing of this bill has been lauded as one of the biggest pieces of reform...

By Lawfarm Team September 14, 2016
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