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Adultery has many different synonyms such as unfaithfulness, infidelity, disloyalty, unchastity etc. and all these synonyms with respect to women points toward the same legal definition of this word under law as having the voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person that is...

By Arjit Narendra Srivastava June 24, 2016
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triple talaq ,   divorce by muslim men ,   afreen rehman ,   shaira bano ,   bharatiya mahila muslim andolan ,   all india muslime personal law board ,   shayara bano ,   india ,   petition ,   talaq talaq talaq ,   triple talak

Afreen Rehman, 25 years old, was divorced just after a few months of her marriage.

Shaira Bano, 35 years old, received a talaqnama from her husband which ended her 15 years long marriage.

Both were divorced via speed post. However, Afreen Rehnman and Shaira bano are not the only two ‘victims’ of...

By Neha Agarwal June 24, 2016
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due dilligence ,   land purchse ,   sale deed ,   mother deed ,   land records ,   khata extract ,   property registered card ,   encumberance certificate ,   commencement cerificate ,   ceiling limit ,   completion certificate ,   NOC

The concept of taking care and being a reasonable person before entering into an agreement or doing a transaction with another party is called Due Diligence.‘Due’ means sufficient and ‘diligence’ means ‘persistent effort to work’. Due diligence is a way of averting harm to either party involved...

By Neha Agarwal June 24, 2016
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One Person Company ,   sole proprietorship ,   limited shares ,   limited guarantee ,   DSC ,   DIN ,   Companies Act 2013



An OPC (One Person Company) as the name suggests is a company formed by a single person i.e. a company which has only one person as a member[1]. The concept was introduced in the Companies Act of 2013[2]. The objective behind introducing the concept of OPC was to provide a...

By Gabriella Ruhil December 30, 2015
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senior citizens rights ,   old age ,   health benefit ,   travel benefit ,   reverse mortgage ,   Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act ,   2007 ,   Constitution of India ,   Directive Principle of State Policy ,   Article 41 ,   Code of Criminal Procedure (Chapter IX) ,   Section 125(1)(2) ,   Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act ,   1956 Section ,   loneliness and old age

“Growing Old"is a natural process that every human undergoes in one’s lifetime. It basically refers to the decline in the functional capacity that occurs due to physiological transformation. Senior citizens are an asset to a society with their pool of varied experiences, ideas, knowledge and...

By Anshul Ranga September 11, 2015
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commercial establishment ,   the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act ,   1948. ,   pro worker legislation ,   work hours ,   holiday's list ,   overtime rule ,   joining ,   termination criteria ,   licenses/permits/small-sized restaurant in Mumbai ,   – Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) ,   Police Department ,   State Government ,   Excise Department and Sales Department

Introduction to Idea of Shops, Establishments and the Licenses Required

This blog post aims to serve as a one-time reference guide with regard to opening new shops and commercial establishments in India. It deals with various licenses and registrations that one has to compulsorily acquire in...

By Shruthee Srinivasan September 02, 2015
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civil procedure code ,   foreign judgments enforceability ,   S. 13 CPC ,   S. 38 CPC ,   S. 39 CPC ,   S. 40 CPC ,   S. 44 CPC ,   S. 45 CPC ,   S. 44A CPC ,   Moloji Nar Singh Rao v. Shankar Saran ,   R.M.V. Vellachi Achi v. R.M.A. Ramanathan Chettiar ,   Ramanathan Chettiar v. Kalimuthu Pillai ,   D.T. Keymer v. P. Viswanatham ,   Ephrayim H. Ephrayim v. Turner Morrison & Co ,   Anoop Beniwal v. Jagbir Singh Beniwal ,   Hari Singh v. Muhammad Said

The word foreign decree or order simply connotes a final adjudication on a point of law by a court situated outside the territory of India or simply not coming under the authority of the central legislature. The executability of foreign judgements in India is governed by The Code of Civil...

By Karan Mittal August 09, 2015
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